High School Rock Group from the 1960's Reunite in 2011 Sounding like they never missed a Beat!

There had to be a beginning... 

In ninth grade (1963) at Meyersdale Area High School in Southwestern, PA in Somerset County, Kevin Bungard and Brooke Folk were classmates. 

One day they learned that each played guitar.  Brooke was taking lessons and Kevin played by ear.

A few jam sessions At each others homes and they had the idea of forming a band.

Eugene Brown, another classmate became the drummer, a sophomore Gary Baer played guitar and Charles Stotler, another classmate played sax. 

Neither Kevin or Brooke can remember exactly how the name "The Vandells" was chosen.

Later, additional members joined the group.  William Trent (deceased), William Legas on keyboard and Alan Miller, bass guitar.




 The Vandells May 2011

The Guys are about to make history!  Their first performance in 45 years.

From left above:  Kevin Bungard, Eugene Brown, Charles Stotler MD, Brooke Folk, William Legas and Alan Miller.

At Left:  Gary Baer, right, who was unable to be with the guys in the above photo because his band The Country Express was playing another gig that night.  With Gary is Brooke Folk in a rare photo taken in 1964.


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